The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery Volume 1: Patient Selection focuses on helping to improve Trabectome outcomes through a step-by-step approach for patient selection, as well as many other facets of pre-, intra-, and post-operative care. In this book you will find pearls, personal notes, steps to avoid, and action points that will ease you into the transition of adopting the Trabectome procedure to get motivated to get started right now!  
This book is for you if...

▶ ... you are a glaucoma specialist who desires to learn more tools to use in micro-surgical glaucoma treatment.

▶ ... you are an anterior segment surgeon who is contemplating a new MIGS procedure to stay on the cutting edge and help reduce glaucoma drop usage for your patients.

▶ ... you are an optometrist who wants to know more about the micro-incisional surgical options for intraocular pressure lowering in your glaucoma patients with or without cataracts.

▶ ... you are an ophthalmology or optometry student intern, resident or fellow who wants to learn more about a MIGS procedure and how to identify the best candidates for the surgery.

▶ ... you are interested in discovering new ways to increase your financial productivity and efficiency.

▶ ... you want to be a hero and give hope and more options to your glaucoma patients.
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This is a book about how you can become a skilled Trabectome surgeon by teaching you how to first evaluate and find great patients for the Trabectome surgery. Having great technical skill of any surgery is very important, however, knowing how to select great candidates will couple those skills to allow you to have even better outcomes. 

This book is very simple, straightforward and practical. The promise of this volume one of The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery is that as it opens your eyes to the possibilities you will be able to inspire and give hope to many of the glaucoma patients you care for who otherwise might have to undergo more invasive and riskier procedures to control their condition. You can be their hero.



Dr. Okeke is known internationally for her expert work in the area of MIGS and she is as passionate about teaching as she is about surgery. She has performed over a thousand Trabectome surgeries since 2009 and has shared her expertise with thousands of doctors worldwide. As an official Trabectome trainer, she has presented lectures and led wet labs at national and international ophthalmic meetings and teaching institutions.
Her additional output includes educational videos, tele-seminars, webinars, and personal and group coaching.
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"...Finest Source of Information to Date..."

"...This book is a must read..."

"Dr Okeke compiled the finest source of information to date regarding the use of Trabectome for glaucoma patients. The book is unique because it addresses both the most mundane to the most complex issues surrounding the use and importantly misuse of MIGS. The information in these pages is useful not only to the novice but to the highly experienced anterior segment surgeon as well. Each page reveals her secrets of glaucoma surgery with pearls gleamed over years of compassionate clinical care. It is a treat to see this materialized into a good read on how to better care for patients with glaucoma."

Ronald L. Fellman, MD
Glaucoma Associates of Texas
Dallas, Texas
"In The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery: Patient Selection, Dr. Constance Okeke speaks in the tone of a true coach, guiding her players (those who want to adopt and even those who are skeptical about adopting a new surgical procedure) along the process of becoming a proficient Trabectome surgeon. The book provides a true ‘360 perspective’ on Trabectome surgery, covering everything from contemplating Trabectome, to pre-operative planning, intra-operative steps with links to helpful videos, to postoperative management. The book is loaded with many helpful pearls, beautiful illustrations and a useful Trabectome patient selection calculator to aide in picking patients who would benefit most from the procedure. This book is a must read for anyone interested in performing MIGS surgery and will be a useful training guide for future MIGS surgeons."
Louis R. Pasquale, MD, FARVO
Professor of Ophthalmology / Director Glaucoma Service
Harvard Medical School
Boston, Massachusetts

"I learned a lot and am confident..."

"...patient scenarios was very compelling..."

"When I first encountered Dr. Okeke presenting at a national meeting, I was astounded by her phenomenal surgical technique, well produced surgical video and extensive experience with micro-incisional glaucoma surgery. Her book, The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery not only provides a truly comprehensive analysis of Trabectome surgery, but also allows the reader to access Dr. Okeke’s ample knowledge on the disease of glaucoma, optimizing patient care and delivering on the MIGS promise. I learned a lot and am confident that readers involved in many aspects of glaucoma care will gain from Dr. Okeke’s book."
Nathan Radcliffe, MD
Director, Glaucoma Service, Clinical Assistant Professor,
NYU Langone Ophthalmology Associates
New York City, NY, USA
"Dr. Okeke maps out the steps in a systematic fashion to allow beginning Trabectome surgeons to have a successful outcome with surgery. She writes in a fashion that draws the audience to her personal story. I think that having the patient scenarios was very compelling, as it was good to see how real patients performed. The patient testimonials were also powerful. I also like how Dr. Okeke notes the appropriate patients for Trabectome, but just as importantly, notes the patients who are NOT appropriate for Trabectome. Dr. Okeke draws on her personal experience with over 1,000 Trabectome surgeries in this book which can serve as a “How-to” manual for beginning Trabectome surgeons, and in a style that is a great read!"

Leon W. Herndon, MD
Professor of Ophthalmology
Duke University School of Medicine
Durham, North Carolina 

"...extremely comprehensive..."

"...thought provoking, easy to follow..."

"This book is an extremely comprehensive labor of love from a very experienced surgeon, for anyone wanting to learn Trabectome and even for those already performing it. The multiple clinical cases and her approach to helping guide the reader through selecting appropriate patient candidates is invaluable!"
Anup K. Khatana, MD
Director, Glaucoma Service
Cincinnati Eye Institute
Cincinnati, Ohio
"As a glaucoma surgeon and program director, conveying novel surgical concepts to trainees in a manner that is easy to understand is of the utmost importance. Dr. Okeke’s book is thought provoking, easy to follow, and encompasses ALL aspects of Trabectome surgery - including doctor-patient discussions and post-operative considerations. I especially enjoyed the case-based approach to patient selection. This is definitely a “must-read” for anyone adopting"
Chandru Krishnan, MD
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology /
Director, Ophthalmology Residency Program
Tufts Medical Center
Boston, Massachusetts

"Filled with surgical pearls and ... insight..."

"...an excellent reference..."

"The Building Blocks of Trabectome Surgery: Patient Selection is written in a unique, user friendly format. A valuable resource for the beginning and experienced Trabectome surgeon. Dr. Okeke discusses clinical scenarios of both the ideal and more challenging patients for this procedure, and offers a MIGS patient selection calculator to help the surgeon in this identification process. Filled with surgical pearls and personal insights from an experienced surgeon, it is an outstanding recourse to increase the understanding of Trabectome and all MIGS surgery."
Eydie Miller-Ellis, MD
Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology,
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania,

Director, Glaucoma Service,
Scheie Eye Institute,
Philadelphia, PA
"As an optometrist, I found the clinical applications in this book to be easily accessible and something I can utilize when evaluating glaucoma patients who are ready for cataract surgery or progressing under traditional therapy. In this book, Dr. Okeke lays a framework for any provider to establish whether a patient is a good or sub-optimal candidate for Trabectome, but in doing so, delivers so many clinical pearls, it will make you re-evaluate how you systematically examine your daily glaucoma patients. It is an excellent reference for Trabectome, MIGS, and glaucoma care in general."
Christopher Kuc, OD
Virginia Eye Consultants,
Norfolk, Virginia

"...helped improve the quality of life..."

"Dr. Okeke is a pioneer of MIGS. With this advancement she has helped improve the quality of life for the many patients who take advantage of the Trabectome technology."
Sherri Becker, OD
Becker Eye Care Center
Hampton, Virginia
The Building Blocks
of Trabectome Surgery
Volume 1:
Patient Selection
By Dr. Constance Okeke​​

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