1. iStent First by Constance Okeke, MD, MSCE
    Dr. Okeke describes her technique of iStent placement first prior to cataract extraction. Here she notes that with a smaller initial temporal incision and a dispersive viscoelastic (eg. Viscoat) there is a much more stable anterior chamber, better corneal view and no hypotony leading to excessive bleeding once TM is pierced.
  2. MIGS Coaching Surgical Tips on iStent Insertion with Dr. Okeke
    This is one of a series in MIGS Coaching Tips by Dr. Constance Okeke. This video highlights Dr. Okeke's Top 5 Favorite Tips on iStent insertion that will be helpful to the novice or intermediate MIGS surgeon. Subscribe to the iGlaucoma channel to stay informed with additional MIGS Coaching videos.
  3. iStent Surgery Do's and Don'ts: Positioning and Initial View
    Dr. Okeke shares some pearls about her experience performing minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS). Dr. Okeke has performed thousands of MIGS procedures and has helped train hundreds of surgeons on her technique. She talks about some Do's and Don'ts for iStent surgery. These initial steps of positioning and initial gonioscopic views can actually be beneficial for any MIGS surgery (either iStent or Trabectome).
  4. LenSx, LRIs, Phaco Cataract Extraction, Standard IOL with iStent First
    Dr. Okeke illustrates a combination surgical procedure for a patient with glaucoma, visually significant cataract and mild astigmatism using the latest technology with femtosecond LenSx Laser used here to break up the cataract and make LRIs to relax the astigmatism. She also illustrates her technique of iStent implantation first prior to cataract removal, but after LenSx laser incisions.
  5. Good the bad and the ugly and then the beauty of iStent insertion
    Dr. Okeke presents a challenging case of iStent insertion after successful cataract surgery and then her modified approach of iStent first before cataract surgery, which for Dr. Okeke gives her a better view, more control and ease in iStent insertion.