MIGS University Video Series

MIGS University Video Series  iGlaucoma YouTube Channel 

Constance Okeke, MD, MSCE
Creator, iGlaucoma YouTube Channel and MIGS University

Want more micro invasive glaucoma surgery, or MIGS, understanding, confidence, and less overwhelm?

 The MIGS University video series  will feature the what, where, why and how of  each available MIGS device. 

You can also get access to How-to Device Starter Guides for surgeons and great Device Video Summary Sheets that will enhance your glaucoma knowledge and improve your patient interactions, and
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iStent Inject Supplemental Video Series

"I have really learned a lot from the videos and they help me better understand how we treat each glaucoma patient."

"The videos look great! They are clear with respect to what aspect of the procedure you are covering and the flow is logical and the length is just right."

"This series will showcase a step by step approach to implementing innovation in your glaucoma surgical practice. I am excited about MIGS UNIVERSITY!"

"I’m so delighted to learn more about the MIGS University series. As a surgical tech I assist with some of these surgeries and don’t always know why they’re done or how. So I’m excited for the educational videos to help me understand more about how, why, and when they’re done. Thank you so much!"
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Want to know what MDs and ODs are saying after they have watched MIGS University videos?
Want to know what Eye Care Clinic and OR staff are saying after watching the videos? 

iGlaucoma YouTube Channel

iGlaucoma YouTube Channel is a place where Eyecare Providers can find educational videos about glaucoma designed to make understanding and treating glaucoma easier and more approachable. The channel was developed by Dr. Constance Okeke, a fellowship trained, US board certified glaucoma specialist and cataract surgeon, who has had a passion for educating doctors and patients on a global scale for over two decades. Videos posted share information about various aspects of glaucoma and glaucoma treatment, whether medical or surgical, in an engaging, practical, step-by-step format that will allow viewers that educate about and/or treat glaucoma to instantaneously take away valuable pearls that they can start applying right away. MIGS University is the first specifically structured video series to provide step by step guided information on a specific topic, MIGS.

Where did the idea of MIGS University come from?

"MIGS University has been a brain child of mine for actually several years. I have such an incredible passion for glaucoma education, and MIGS has completely changed the way I practice glaucoma in such a positive way. I wanted to share this knowledge with the world! MIGS University is how I have married my knowledge and experience with MIGS, my ability to create videos, and my desire to impact glaucoma through engaging education. My hope is that you are as excited about MIGS University as I am, and that it helps in our overall efforts to prevent blindness from glaucoma! Awareness is key, so help me spread the word."
Constance Okeke, MD, MSCE