1. Why Trabectome?
    Doctors, experienced with Trabectome surgery, share their experience with the procedure and its patient outcomes...some of which are several years out.
  2. Preparing For Your First Trabectome Surgeries
    This video offers excellent tips for the surgeon preparing to perform their first Trabectome surgery. Focusing on the 3 basic fundamentals of 1) practicing with the goniolens; 2) positioning the patients head and microscope tilt properly in relationship to the surgeon; and 3) tapping the clear cornea incision to induce blood congestion in Schlemm's Canal; thereby, lighting up the trabecular meshwork like a runway for easy and accurate identification.
  3. Trabectome in My Hands
    This movie illustrates hand positioning utilized while performing a routine Trabectome procedure. This surgery was performed by Dr. Constance Okeke who is a glaucoma specialist and expert in the area of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS). If you have tried Trabectome in the past and given up on it, NOW is the time to take action and use this video to stimulate your interest in Trabectome again.
  4. Dr. Constance Okeke Talks About Ideal Trabectome Patient
    Dr. Okeke of Virginia Eye Consultants talks about the ideal Trabectome Patient and shares her experience using the Trabectome procedure to treat open-angle glaucoma patients.
  5. Trabectome Patient Selection
    Ophthalmologist ranging from the Glaucoma Specialist to the general practitioner, share their insights on the patient profile best suited for Trabectome - a micro-incisional glaucoma surgery.
  6. Trabectome 180 degrees
    This is a routine Trabectome video illustrating the ability to ablate nearly 180 degrees of trabecular meshwork with the Trabectome hand piece by Dr. Constance Okeke. The more collector channels exposed by the unroofing of the Trabectome tip, the more likely for improved outflow from the procedure.
  7. Dr. Constance Okeke Pearls for Trabectome
    Glaucoma specialist and cataract surgeon at Virginia Eye Consultants, Constance O. Okeke, MD, shares her insights and secrets of success with Trabectome ( the minimally invasive surgery she has performed over 200 times) in the February 2014 edition of Ophthalmology Management magazine. Dr. Okeke's article TACKLING GLAUCOMA ONE TRABECTOME AT A TIME shares her pearls on Trabectome surgical steps and tips on patient selection all geared towards achieving optimal success with this micro incisional surgery for glaucoma.
  8. Trabectome with LenSx laser, LRIs, Phaco/IOL
    This is a routine combined case of a patient with both glaucoma, cataract and astigmatism. Dr. Okeke describes a patient who underwent LenSx laser with limbal relaxing incisions to correct astigmatism, phacoemulsification cataract extraction with pre-made LenSx laser incisions, standard IOL implantation with Trabectome ablation of trabecular meshwork for improved IOP control.